Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eye Care

Although our skin is of single and largest organ of our body, not all part of our skin is created with same character. For example, the skin on the scalp has embedded hair follicles, and the skin of the nose and cheeks tends to have active glands. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and delicate, which needs good care at all age. Weather its summer or winter or any other season, follow some simple steps and guidelines as under, to have healthier skin around your eyes!

- To reduce the dark circles around your eyes, no matter at what age you are, get at least seven to eight hours sleep every night. Sleeping with your head slightly elevated would help you working against gravity; which causes fluid to collect in your lower eyelids resulting in dark circles.

- Use an eye cream around the eyes to keep moisture in the skin.
When applying cream or make up around the eyes use the ring finger (as it exerts less pressure).

- Don't rub eyes frequently as this can cause an eye infection and in turn causing infection in the skin around eyes. This is because; few of us bother to wash our hands before touching our eyes

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